These days, I see pictures of Bethel AIS everywhere and my mind flashes back to how it all started; how we were just twelve students in the whole school when I resumed in seventh grade.

The population kept on increasing as the years went by. Even though more numbers were added, the standard of all-round education Bethel was offering never dropped. As students, we were developing spiritually and academically. Also, our inter-personal skills and confidence levels were being boosted because we were given various opportunities to express ourselves.

I’m very proud to be an alumnus of Bethel AIS because it has given me the opportunity to be a well-rounded person today. I hope Bethel keeps the flag flying high and keeps setting new standards for other schools to follow.


University of Lagos

My name is Faith, a mechanical engineering student of Nile Turkish University. I had the opportunity to school at Bethel American International School and I am so proud of being a product of BethelAIS.

I would say that my time at Bethel American International School furnished me with enriching and rewarding experiences because I had teachers who were friendly, helpful in every way, passionate, respectful and keen to teach. Also, the small class sizes were conducive to forming strong teacher-student working relationships.

The amazing blend of American and Nigerian curricula made me flexible and not just fixed on a particular system of education which is really beneficial for me over here in the university.

BethelAIS gave me a solid foundation, taught me to put God first in all, to be an individual with ambitious educational aspirations, to give room for personal growth and to be a person of value in the society.

BethelAIS gave me the feeling of belonging in a very big family, and I’ll forever hold on to that.


Mechanical Engineering Student, Nile Turkish University

My name is Omobola. I am a physiotherapy student of Bowen University. I am so fortunate to have attended Bethel American International school. Anytime I am asked about my secondary school, I am always delighted to tell people about BethelAIS where I had a solid foundation which keeps me going in Bowen. I learnt numerous lessons and the three most important ones are: to respect God, love others and be committed to attaining academic excellence. Bethel made me feel like I was at home. We are all one big family and I will always cherish that.


Physiotherapy Department, Bowen University

My name is Osayamen. I joined BethelAIS in 2016. To be honest, when I joined the school I didn’t think I would fit in or be an acceptable student in the school.

However, BethelAIS really helped me unleash my full potential. I am proud of what this institution has made me and I am proud to be a graduate of BethelAIS. God’s faithfulness and mercy is really shining on this school.

God bless BethelAIS!!!


University of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

My name is Anjola, currently studying nursing science in Southwest Minnesota State University.

Throughout my six years at BethelAIS, I can confidently tell you it is a great school. The teachers are very reasonable and fair. The staff is excellent and the rules help keep the school community safe and orderly.

There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing information so that everyone gets the task to be done and theres tutoring if we need it.  For example, teachers make use of their spare time to explain to students what they don’t understand. The sports and games we participate in are fun as well.

In Bethel, I learnt a myriad of moral and spiritual lessons. Those shaped me into what I am today.


Southwest Minnesota State University

I experienced and enjoyed the transition from Bethel American International School. BethelAIS gave me the right tools, knowledge and understanding on fully maximizing my potentials in order to market myself with a competitive advantage, turning my prospects into real opportunities.

BethelAIS taught me so much; even exceeding academics. I learnt what it means to have a family outside of one’s biological family.

BethelAIS was not just my school, but my second home. There, I learned many things, especially what it means to be an honorable person.

This school is growing and in it, I found the best friends I could ask for.

In BethelAIS, your child will thrive, strive, and survive the real world after twelfth grade. I’m glad I was fortunate enough to not only be able to focus on academics, but also had the opportunity to practice my religion as well.


As a student of Bethel American International School, I was equipped with an experience that changed my life forever. BAIS presented an empowering environment to express myself to the fullest and explore the different possibilities offered by many career paths.

Not only did I learn amazing concepts throughout my stay, I also learnt skills in self development which traverses every aspect of my life. The teachers were so warm and loving and they looked out for the best interest of all students.

Asides from this, I loved engaging in the extracurricular activities we were provided with. As an alumna, I can boldly say that BAIS is a school that is unlike any other and is steadily advancing to become the best there is.


I enrolled in BethelAIS in the ninth grade. I left a well known school in Nigeria to attend BethelAIS so that I could get undivided attention from teachers due to the small class sizes, and I got just that.

My time at BethelAIS was truly remarkable. I made lifetime friends I would never forget and I was able to learn from the teachers and other staff members first-hand. I was also able to discover some of my strengths and weaknesses and work on them so that I could become a much better person.

I achieved feats I never thought possible during my time at BethelAIS and I would like to thank the staff, students and the BethelAIS community as a whole for giving me such a great opportunity to develop myself and in the end, come out stronger!


Merrick School, Canada.

Bethel American International School is a great citadel of learning. Even though I enrolled in my penultimate year of high school, I learned a lot.

The teachers are very comely, the students, well mannered, and the management is doing a good job.

The school builds students, not just for academic excellence, but to be well rounded responsible citizens of the society. God bless BAIS and God bless Nigeria.


Lead City University


Honestly, for parents who want the best for their children spiritually, intellectually and academically, BethelAIS is the right place. You will never regret your decision.

We the old parents pray that God Almighty strengthen you in all ways in order to give the required support to your children in Jesus name.  Greater testimonies will abound.


Mr. Oyedemi

BethelAIS is a home away from home which is the reason we went for BethelAIS four years ago with our last child after the first two attended a highbrow school but the family feel and culture were failing.


Mr. Olugbodi

I have a girl and a boy schooling in BethelAIS and I spoke to them on Friday. Just like everybody who has attested to how fast the students have settled down and like the school, same with my daughter and son.

I have been a little bit apprehensive  particularly about my daughter who had never left home until now. I was counting days to Friday since I dropped them on Sunday so I could speak to them. I’m so happy she likes the school. She and her brother spoke highly of the care.

I’m glad we made the decision to bring them to Bethel.

Mr. Oriade

It’s obvious my choice is golden. My JK siblings are pressing me to promise that they will attend BethelAIS.

I pray that God will equip the school to keep going from glory to glory in Jesus name. Amen.

Mr. Agbaje

I’m a new parent. I spoke with my son yesterday and he was in high spirits. I spoke with two of his friends and they also seemed to be having a good time. My mind was at rest.

I could not believe they had all settled down in less than a week. Wow.

Kudos to BethelAIS.

Mrs. Ayoola

This school was introduced to me by someone close to me who read the school’s advertisement in a newspaper.

Though the person’s child is not a student of this school, she was confident that it should be a good school from the presentation of the advertisement. She encouraged me to contact the school, I did and here we are.

My child is in high spirits and having fun while learning.

Mrs. Elumeze

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