Students and staff of BethelAIS convened on the 8th of March 2019 to celebrate the World Mathematics Day (6th March, 2019). Students explicated the importance of mathematics to every field of endeavor and life in general. Those excelling at math also gave tips on how to ace mathematics and they also encouraged their counterparts who find math difficult to challenge themselves by making a solid commitment to solving mathematics. Among the tips mentioned are:

  • Change your mindset about mathematics. (Math is very simple).
  • Start from the basics. (Move from the known to the unknown).
  • Listen in class. (Attention is key).
  • Practice mathematics regularly. (Remember, practice makes it perfect).
  • Ask for help from colleagues. (Have a study partner).
  • Be determined. Do not give up. (Persistence always pays off).
  • Pray to God for help. (God is the greatest mathematician; the Holy Spirit teaches us all things).

It is certain that if our students apply these proven tips for excelling at mathematics, mathematicians that will cause a sensation in the field and also in science and technology as a whole, will be raised.

“Excerpt from BethelAIS World Mathematics Day Celebration”