Our grade 12 students are in the exam season. They are getting ready to write their SAT this weekend. In order to boost their confidence and also teach them some techniques about the important exam, one of our parents- Mr Ola Abraham came to school and spent two days with the students. Mr Abraham arrived at the school on Monday, November 26 and taught our students Mathematics for two days.
It was an awesome experience for our student and faculty as Mr. Abraham demystify SAT Maths. The students were so happy, and we could see that they are ready to confront SAT with confidence and faith on Saturday.
We want to use this medium to express our appreciation to Mr. Abraham for taking time to be with us and support our students as they prepare for another hurdle. This is another first in the history of BethelAIS. We pray that God will continue to bless Mr. Abraham as we trust God for an outstanding result.
To our other parents, are you gifted in some subject(s)? Do you want to try a class experience? Please contact us as we plan BETHELAIS PARENTS TEACH program- a day when you can come into the school and teach a class or two and impact the lives of our children. Feeding and accommodation are free.