In addition to the exceptionally good academic culture in Bethel American International School, there exists a very wide array of sporting activities which help both students and members of staff to keep their bodies in top shape. This also has the added benefit of keeping all those involved, in sports, fit and in good health.

Some of the sports which people actively participate in are;

  • Soccer ( Major sport in school)
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Saturday Workouts

As a student, I have to admit that it is extremely relaxing for me, after a hard day’s work in class, to get on the pitch or court and just have fun. Without all the sporting activities which have been put in place, Bethel just wouldn’t be the same. After school and Prep, it is completely normal to see students running all over the place just having fun and playing different sports. That is one of the sights in Bethel which makes me wish I could stay here forever.

Oladele Ayodeji

Grade 12