Blog 17
Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Today started off with everybody going downtown to visit the Hennepin County Central Library. County is simply like our local government in Nigeria. As we walked from the parking lot to the library we had beautiful sightings of street art. When we got to the library we went through all four floors, seeing the big library with movable stacks containing books. We got to see a map of Minnesota in 1914, 1940, and 1984 in the atlas.

We left the library and headed for the sculpture garden where giant sculptures were placed in a green area. But because of snow, it looked like a sculpture snow bank. We saw the Blue Chicken, the Vessel of a Saint, 7000 Oaks, a Cherry on a Spoon, and a big swing with a maximum occupancy of four people. We took some pictures by these various sculptures.

We then departed for the Boy Scout Base Camp. We introduced ourselves to the members of staff. We did stretches to get ready. Then we played a game where we had a teammate blindfolded and the other not blindfolded. The second has to lead the first to the other side of the block without hitting the obstacles.

Another game is where all eleven of us had to stay on a brown tarp and get to the other side of the tarp, which is silver, without getting off the tarp. It was fun. We all had different ideas to put together and we did. We were ultimately successful!

Then we got to the high ropes course. This course has a bunch of ropes and wires and obstacles to navigate about 20 feet in the air. There are all kinds of safety devices to keep you safe. Some of us had a lot of troubles getting on some parts of the course. There we figured out the brave, encouraging and confident people on the course. We all had a lot of fun there.

We departed the Boy Scout Base Camp and the girls went to the Farley home for dinner. The girls really enjoyed themselves. They ate a lot of food, played a lot of games, and got to know more about the Rhetorics teacher and his family. We all had fun in different ways.



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