Blog 16
Monday, April 9, 2018

Today was a really exciting and fun day for us. When we arrived at Grace Church we did our devotion and then left for Northwest Passage High School. It was a very short journey.

When we arrived there we had the principal come and take us to a building. The principal told us about the school and told us that the method of learning in the school is known as project based learning which is totally different from either other schools. In this school, students design their own method of learning. It was really fun.

They called ambassadors of the school to take us on a tour. It was really a nice one as we interacted with them.

After this we went to the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Dr. Justin Howard took us on a tour of the hospital. He happens to be a gastrointestinal doctor, so he talked to us about what he does to help people’s digestive systems. He showed us this device that they can put down someone’s throat in order to see into their stomach and intestines to see where trouble may be coming from. It was very interesting. He also took us on a walk through the Intensive Care Unit so we could see what various hospital rooms look like with all the machines and things.

At the end of the day we played games. Our host families came to take us home, it was a wonderful day.


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