Sunday, April 8, 2018
Blog 15

Today we went to a Redeemed Church called the Restoration Chapel. It is an African (majorly Nigerian) church. When we got there we were welcomed warmly and nicely. We saw so many Nigerians there, so we felt at home. We did a presentation of a song titled, “Hallelujah” and we were applauded for it.

After the church service we had lunch with the church members. We ate jollof rice and chicken. We also made friends.

After lunch we departed for Elder Michael’s house. When we got there, some slept while some watched TV.

In the evening we departed for Mary Lindell’s house. Prof Mary was one of the Bethel University professors who came to visit us in Nigeria in January. When we got there we were welcomed nicely. We played a game about the description of things called “bowls.” It was really fun. We also saw Prof Peggy and Prof Geri there.

We had dinner with them and their children. The dinner was delicious. We ate beef stew, bread, and salad with a tasty fruit crisp and ice cream for dessert. After dinner we made friends with Geri and Mary’s children. They were really nice.

When Mrs. Aderinkomi told us we were leaving, we were not pleased because we were having so much fun, but we still had to leave. It was beginning to snow and we needed to get home. We bid them goodbye then we departed for Grace to meet our host families.


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