Saturday, April 7, 2018
Blog 14

Today, we were allowed to sleep in and I was thankful for that. We then ate a wonderful breakfast of pancakes with eggs, sausages, and orange juice.

After eating, we departed home for shopping. We went initially to Kohl’s. A lot of people had problems deciding what to buy and if it was worth it, while some did not have that problem. The evidence was, a lot of things were bought. The former group eventually felt unaccomplished because they felt they could have purchased more things and that they had nothing to worry.

We went to Walmart next. There, the people who were finding it difficult to buy at the first store wanted to buy out Walmart. There were a lot of filled carts. The new problem was if their money was enough.

After shopping, we were hosted to a delicious Nigerian meal at the Olayinka home. We ate Jollof rice, salad, yam pottage, vegetables and either fried turkey or fried fish. We were filled to the brim after that meal. We watched TV and played games before returning to Grace where we met our host families.



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