Blog 13
Friday, April 6, 2018

Today we started off with a road trip to Bethel University. When we got into the building we met a lady named “Liz” who was our tour guide.

The first place we went was the Physics Lab. In the class, we learnt about sound. We had two experiments. The first experiment was about how sound could affect the pressure in flames. When the pressure is high, the flames increase and when the pressure is low, they decrease. It majorly has to do with the sound waves.

The second experiment was on how fast a ping pong ball could travel. Did you know it can travel 700 miles per hour after being in an air-tight tube? The ball flew out and completely destroyed three empty cans (like coke cans). It was crazy!

After the physics class, we all headed to the chapel where a presentation and speech was going on. The woman spoke about what it was like to grow up as an immigrant refugee in America and how God saw her through.

After about 30 minutes in the chapel, we had two other tour guides (students) who took us on a tour around the school. They showed us so much including their nursing room where they have mannequins that they can use to practice their nursing techniques.

After the tour we got to eat lunch in the cafeteria. When we were done, we got split up into two groups – science class and art class. Some went back to the physics department to see more of what was happening there, and the rest went to the art department and saw more of the theater and music departments.

After those department visits we came back together and got ready to go. We all went back to Elder Michael’s house. We had a big overnight at his house with all of us there for one night. While we were there we went to the movies to watch Black Panther. Once we were all home we had an awesome dinner and then watched t.v. until it was time for bed.


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