Blog 11
Wednesday, April 4, 2018

By the time we got to Grace, we were all late. We rushed to Medtronic where we had a tour with Jeff Vogel (the Superintendent of Bethel AIS). We saw a lot of equipment that is all used in the production of stents. (Stents are these little things that they put into blood vessels, veins, and hearts where there are problems to help the blood flow properly. That’s what Dr. Jeff does, he designs stents.) We had a lot of fun.

After visiting Medtronic, we went over to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. We saw lots of artwork from all over the world and different time periods in history. There were large sections of Asian art (including China, Japan, and Korea), as well as Native American art. We saw a section of African art that included lots of Nigerian art including Nok, Ife, and many others. We saw a monkey sculpture done by Picasso and so much more.

Since there was no place to eat, we went to church to eat lunch. After lunch we stayed around and helped the kitchen prepare for dinner. At 5:30 we ate rice and chicken. Then we went for youth group where we were asked questions and we got to know each other. We split into groups and had a little class where high school girls were in one group with high school boys in another (and the same for the junior ones). In my class we played a ball game and asked each other questions about each other.

Most host parents came to pick their children up by 8:30pm. By the time we got home I watched television until past 10:00 and then I went to bed.



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