Day 10

Tuesday, March 3, 2018

Today was a wonderful day for all of us. When we arrived at the church we did our devotions and departed for the Minnesota History Museum. We spent about 40 minutes on the way, because it had snowed a lot overnight and everyone had to drive slowly. When we finally arrived, we were happy because we all wanted to see what was actually inside. When we got inside it was so beautiful. We were taught so many things about history and about Minnesota. We got to learn about the existence of the first early people to live in Minnesota. We learned about the reasons they migrated into Minnesota. We saw some things that the people brought with them.

From there we went to other places in the museum to see for ourselves the wonderful things that happened in the past. We learned about the weather, especially tornadoes and how it affected people so badly. We went to the exhibit where videos of history were being shown and it was really interesting. We learnt about the Dakota people and how they were being captured and taken from their native land. We saw aircraft that was used in the war too.

It was so fun and interesting to learn. In some exhibits there were some games that helped us and it was very good. In another exhibit we saw how some Indian students (Native Americans) were being captured and put into slavery. Everything we learnt we tried to relate to our modern lives. It was really fun for all uf us.

When we got back to our host families, we changed our clothes and then we decided that we would help them clean the room. We cleaned the room and then made sure it was neat. After that we played with the children. We ate our dinner and did some activities and then went to bed to sleep for another day.


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