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Blog 9
Monday, April 2, 2018

Today was so amazing. After having devotions we left church by 9:30am to the State Capitol Building (we were a few minutes late for the tour). It was chilly outside, but it was nice to see the building with the golden chariot on the top.

We caught up with the rest of the tour in the Governor’s reception room which was missing two of the original paintings (we later got to see them in another location). We went upstairs to the second floor and we saw the domes. There was a beautiful chandelier that looked like a disco ball. It is only lit for special occasions including if a former governor should die, or May 11 which is Minnesota’s State Day.

We went to the house of reps and we sat in the public pew and we learnt about the place. There are 67 representatives in the house of reps. We learnt that most of the judges in the Minnesota supreme court are women. We saw other interesting things, like the national flower and fruit and other paintings and interesting things.

We had lunch at the Hintermeyer’s and everyone got to make their own sandwich. Then we went on to the Mall of America where we went on a cool ride (the Pepsi Orange Streak). We thought it was not going to be thrilling but we were so mistaken. (It was super awesome.)

We went window shopping and we saw cool stores like Best Buy, Justice, Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, The Children’s Place, Pink, the Gap and so much more. Then we went to the church were our host families picked us up.



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