Blog Day 8
Sunday, April 1, 2018

Happy Easter!

Today we all went to church by 8:00am and we listened to the morning youth program (the Easter “SonRise” Service) where they sang, acted, and shared the word of God with us. Then we went to eat breakfast in the gym where we had food to eat. (They served French toast, eggs, sausage and bacon, fruit, yogurt and granola and more.) We also made new friends. By 10:30 we went to the chapel to have the normal morning service. We had the chance to sing with the choir and orchestra. After we left the stage the choir continued their songs. They sang for more than 30 minutes, it was marvelous. Then the pastor came up to pray and we had the sermon which talked about Easter.

Then we went home to be with our host families to celebrate Easter for the rest of the day. Every family did different things. Some people traveled to spend time with the family’s grandparents and cousins, some stayed home and had Easter egg hunts and family time. Others stayed home and had other family members join. It was fun to experience different things and to come together later and hear how different our days were.


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