In what will forever be a memorable event, Bethel American International School held her second ever Literary Week. In a spectacularly short span of three days, Bethel students and staff alike had an amazing time all through. With numerous activities to participate in, there were hardly dull moments at all.

There was the formal opening ceremony which involved the initial kick-off of the entire occasion. It was rather interesting with the introduction of our guests from the US. Then the engaging and hilarious symposium (I was a part of that) that had everyone in the auditorium on the edge of their seats in a bid not miss a single bit of the discussion.

Afterwards, there was a colorful cultural display creatively combining intriguing pieces from each of the three major Nigerian tribes. Also, there was a challenging spelling bee where the competition was almost as hard as in the days of the Roman gladiators.

Finally, at the end of it all, the crown-jewel ending was the highly competitive debate. Each debater came out and vocalized their views, and each managed to captivate the audience with their unique and amazing performances. All in all, it was a truly incredible occasion which will most likely remain fresh in the minds of all who participated.

Oladele Ayodeji, Grade 12


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