BethelAIS recently played host to faculty members from Bethel  University, Minnesota, United States. The

visit was borne out of the desire of the management of BethelAIS to enhance the capacity of the school in its

educational programs that will result in improved learning methods and produce quality students for the

society through a robust partnership with the University.

Members of the Bethel University faculty team included Professor Mary Lindell, Professor Peggy McCormick,

and Professor Geri Von Grey. The University team was able to observe classes and had a workshop with

teachers on their methodology, a question and answer session was organized via a webinar with the

admission team at Bethel University revealing details regarding undergraduate life and courses held at the


A face to face meeting was later held between the faculty team and parents of students of BethelAIS. Discussions centered on admission process, fees, courses that can be studied, scholarships, and the alumni association. The one week visit ended with a praise night organized by the students of BethelAIS.



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