On the 25th of November, 2017, parents were gathered at the Grace Hall in Bethel American International School to celebrate the birth of Jesus with their precious children. To entertain the parents and the other invited schools, different activities were performed.

The Grade 7 and 8 students sang songs related to the birth of Jesus and this was accompanied with saxophones, drums, recorders and other instruments. There were series of lessons taken from the scripture to sensitize the audience on the importance of Jesus’ birth.

The Bethel AIS choreographers danced to a song which was to uplift the spirit of audience. After this, the Bethel AIS choristers with their sonorous voices overtook the stage and had everyone dancing.

Based on the observations of Parents, invited guests, teachers and students, the carol was interesting and fun. Some students even commented on how nicely decorated the hall was. The Parents were not left out of this. They were really excited to see their children up on the stage performing. Joy, gladness and fulfillment were written on everyone’s faces.

At the end of the carol, parents had one on one discussion with teachers, the reports gotten were quite dandy. Parents also interacted with their children, brought goodies, had fun and bonding time. As a matter of fact, Saturday, 25th of November Christmas celebration was a huge success.

Esther Adegbite (Grade 12)

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