BethelAIS – Who We Are

                                                              By the School Director, Mr. Wole Aderinkomi


What’s Education?

“Education is not the name of any degree or certificate that can be shown to others as a proof…but education is the name of our attitude, actions, language, behaviour and personality with other in real life” – Anonymous.

Our goal in BethelAIS is to help every child that comes our way to develop attitude, actions, language, behaviour and personality that is required to succeed in life.

Why are we doing this?

Education is an investment into a child’s future.

We understand that a faulty foundation will create an unstable future.

We are committed to raise a generation of thinkers not those who knows the fact without knowing the why.

We educate using the classical content and methods in the context of Biblical truth.

Why do you think I should bring my child here? 

Our unique value proposition.

Smaller class size for personalized learning.

Christian values and morals.

Classical education with emphasis to develop articulate students:

  • Latin – to understand the structure and development of any language
  • Logic – ability to think deep and argue persuasively
  • Rhetoric – coherence and boldness to speak.


Coram Deo – As though they’re in the presence of God at all times. When you lost focus on God, you’re vulnerable.

We are located in a quiet, serene and secured environment suitable for learning.

Well trained teachers/mentors.

Technology based learning to aid students achievement.

Combined curricula – Nigerian and American.

Extra and other co-curricula activities.

Your child will love it here!!