Welcome to BethelAIS

Providing a classical education,
combining the best of Nigerian and American curricula, and helping students to succeed.


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BethelAIS: where opportunities abound and talents are discovered


"...focused on the all-round development of the child..."

BethelAIS Parents

Welcome to Bethel AIS

Providing a classical education, combining the best of the Nigeria and America Curricula, and helping students succeed.

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Our Mission

Bethel AIS provides a Christ-centered and classical education, which emphasizes academic excellence in liberal arts and sciences by graduating highly educated young men and women who are well-rounded, thoughtful, articulate and ready to make an impact in society.

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Balanced Curriculum

Your chance to give your ward a solid educational background. Our curriculum and activities give them good exposure and detailed training.

State of the Art Facilities

Our facilities go beyond the major. It covers more areas of learning and creates a good environment to make schooling a great experience.

Unique Educational Goals

The educational goals set before our students are well integrated and blended into the learning process to ensure nothing is left out.

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